Where did “Tin Poppy” come from?


The Tin Inn, Canned Salmon Inn, Tin Can Inn, were some of the names we were thinking of for our purpose built rental cabin. We settled on Tin Poppy. Tall double headed poppies had been taking over our garden for years, so we figured that they would establish themselves quite easily and bring whimsy and beauty to our little vacation rental


Originally a family acreage nestled in the Larch Hills

The property was logged sometime around 1985.
The 160 acres of bare land was purchased in 1992.

Violet Cabin, formerly Temenos, was the first cabin constructed using logs from the property, and was mainly used as a weekend escape.

1998 the Wild Rose Cabin, formerly Ged & Cammie’s Cabin, a locally made log cabin kit was moved onto the property and used a couple times a year for extended family gatherings.

Locally designed, built, and using milled timber from the property Lavender Cabin was built in 2004 out of a desire to live simple, tread lightly, and to live close to nature. Lavender Cabin was thoughtfully created, appreciated and lovingly inhabited by Gail and Brian until 2017.


A retreat in the hills is born

In 2007 we moved back to the interior of BC and bought into the family acreage.

We finished building our home in 2009, and not too long after we moved in I became preoccupied with the idea of building a little rental cabin on our property. This would allow me work from home and fulfill a creative and entrepreneurial curiosity.

In 2014 on a road trip south I saw the 1953 33’ coral coloured caravan cabin sitting in a field. After some inquires I found the owner, we bought the trailer and building began soon after.

Friends and family came together to help with the build, we hosted Easters and Thanksgivings and our family showed up with desserts, salads and their tool belts.

The design ~ the juxtaposition of modern meeting retro in a remote mountain setting creating a space where people could detach from their normal environment and immerse themselves in nature.


JULY 2015

Tin Poppy opens her doors

In July of 2015 Tin Poppy opened her doors to her first guests.

In 2017 we had the opportunity to buy Lavender, Violet and Rose. We talked it over and decided to give it a try and the cabins were added to the retreat.

We are enjoying sharing this amazing property with guests from around the world, and are grateful to work, play and reside on the unceded, traditional territories of the Syilx Okanagan Nation and Secwépemc Nation.